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Zero Tolerance for Retaliation Against Whistleblowers -
The Legislative Priority of the Community of Whistleblowers

Quick Link: See the current version of my draft for the (ZTRA).

In addition to the 12/29/2015 change to the 9/4/2015 draft, there are two significant additions being considered: a clause that would provide a period after enactment for agency review and settlement of all complaints pending at OSC and all cases pending at MSPB, a requirement that OSC provide all of the results of its investigation of complaints to the agencies and to the whistleblower when it closes a case without moving forward to MSPB on behalf of the whistleblower.

Under Construction: This site is still in its early stage of redesign with current technologies. Please bear with me as I work to get it done.

Why I've republished the Whistleblowers Alliance? As a current federal employee with the U.S. Coast Guard, I needed a way to communicate my ideas to a variety of individuals. I am using this site to express my personal views with regard to what I believe are necessary changes to the current laws and process concerning whistleblowers with the goal of ending retaliation against whistleblowers.

A brief history of the name. Shortly after becoming a whistleblower in 1989, I formed the Whistleblowers Alliance, Inc. to create a membership organization for and about whistleblowers. Following my testimony before a congressional committee in support of the 1994 amendments to the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA), my priorities changed and there were no volunteers to take the reins of the organization and it folded.

Day v Department of Homeland Security: In 2010, I was confronted with acts of retaliation for making a lawful disclosure. You may read more about Day v. Department of Homeland Security at www.mspb.gov or at this site when I add it to the cases page. This case went forward for an Interlocutory Appeal in late 2012 and the decision by the Board allowed about 100 whistleblower cases that were pending at the time the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012 (WPEA) was enacted to proceed under the WPEA.

Subsequently I have alleged that Agency management ignored the WPEA and implemented additional acts of retaliation. This resulted in my filing of a second case with MSPB and both cases are still pending decisions by MSPB.

Key Players: After more than 20 years, I found the whistleblower community to be nearly unchanged with most of the organized support for whistleblowers coming from the Government Accountability Project (GAP), the National Whistleblower Center (NWC) with some newcomers such as WhistleWatch, and MSPB Watch. I was most impressed with what I saw at the Whistleblowers Summits held in the summers of 2013, 2014, and 2015. If you would like to nominate an organization to be included as part of the whistleblower community, contact me at the above address.

More organizations:
Make It Safe Coalition (MISC)

Zero Tolerance is the Priority: The issue of a significant penalty on those who commit acts of retaliation against whistleblowers has been left on the legislative floor too often over the last several decades. Absent this legislative priority, retaliation will continue for decades to come. Now it is time to press forward on all fronts to get this long-overdue legislation enacted and this site will be employing a broad range of options to make this happen.

My open letter to the Members of Congress: In April and May of 2015, I personally delivered a letter to every Congressional office. You may read the letter by opening the following link.
Congressional Letter

My draft of the Zero Tolerance for Retaliation Against Whistleblowers Act (ZTR): On September 4, 2015, I mailed my cover letter and draft for the ZTR to the Congressional staff members whose names I was provided during my earlier visits to Capitol Hill. You may read the letter by opening the following link:
Congressional Staff Letter

My letter of 12/29/2015: Mailed on 12/30/2015 to Members of Congress and key persons on their staffs:
American Heroes

Get Involved:
While this is my personal site, I am working with other whistleblowers to establish the Alliance for Whistleblowers, Inc (AllWBs). This new organization will be a national membership organization for and about whistleblowers and their supporters. The web site may not be online, but if it is you can learn more at:

Direct mail and Email will be my primary means to contact you.
I am rebuilding my mailing lists for whistleblowers, lawyers and advocates who have or will represent whistleblowers please provide your contact information (name, mailing address, email address) to tfday@aol.com. Use the subject line "Add my contact information." In your message, tell me about yourself and I'll add you to the appropriate email list.

Send Stamps: The number of my Congressional contacts is well over 1,000 Members and their staff and communicating with them exceeds the limitations imposed by AOL and Gmail so that direct mail is the best means of contacting them as a group. If you would like to help me offset the cost of the mailings, you may mail me "forever" first-class, stamps.

Buy a Magnet: If you would like to show your support for this effort to end retaliation, please purchase a refrigerator magnet and display it where others will see it. They cost $10.00 each plus 6% sales tax with free shipment. Thank you.
Zero Tolerance Magnet